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Chemically Engineered Product Line

Oil & Gas Drilling

Bit Lubricants Filming Amines

A blend of lubricants and surfactants formulated to greatly reduce torque and bit drag in water base drilling and polymer drilling.

A film-forming amine type of corrosion inhibitor for use in all water base drilling mud systems. It is water disperible and forms an excellent film.

Clay Stabilizers Drilling Detergents

Designed to prevent swelling in clay formations by stabilizing and inhibiting the hydration and dispersion of bentonitic shale.

An  aqueous blend of  non-ionic modified surfactants that is surface active, and will increase detergency and wetting properties of water based and polymer drilling fluids.

Drilling Foams Descaling Fluids

Various applications designed to foam well in all types of contaminants encountered in drilling operations.

Concentrated phosphonate  that effectively prevents and inhibits scale build-up on tublular equipment in  water, polymer, completion, and work-out drilling fluids.

Custom Blending
If our current product line doesn’t meet your specific need, we offer  you the capability of meeting your special needs through  custom blending formulations.  Give us the specifications and we will go into the lab, formulate and test it. When it meets specifications, we’ll manufacture and package it, and ship it to you.


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