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Chemically Engineered Product Line

Oil & Gas Drilling Products



Bit Lubricants

Bit Lub BL-1

5 gal.



A water soluble, concentrated surfactant that prolongs bit life and minimizes the pressure loss on both the inside and the outside of the drilling string. It also increases the lubricity of mud with out affecting the properties of the mud. It also reduces bit balling and is low foaming.

Clay Stabilizers

Clay Stay

5, 55 gal.


Effective in stabilizing and inhibiting the hydration and dispersion of bentonitic shales without causing great variations in the rheology.

Filming Amines

Hydro Amine C

55 gal.



A film forming amine corrosion inhibitor that coats metal surfaces and protects against the corrosive fluids and gases such as oxygen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen sulfides, and brine solutions. It is also stable in high temperatures to 400 degrees F.

Foaming Agents

High Foam

5,  55 gal.



This formulation has high foam and head longevity properties. It works in hard or soft waters and takes cuttings to the surface for release. It also holds the cuttings in suspension when drilling is stopped.  Additionally, it cools the cutting edge of the bit, walls hole, and controls dusting problems during dry air operations.

Drilling Detergents


5, 55 gal.



This formulation is designed for use in salt, fresh, and hard water systems. It reduces torque and drag while improving temperature stability of flow properties, thus reducing bit balling. Can also be used as a water and oil emulsifier.

Descaling Fluids

Scale Hib

55 gal.


This product is designed for the prohibition and control of scale deposition of monovalent and divalent carbonates and sulfates, as well as iron sulfides and oxides. It does not fall out of  fluids. It can be used as a “squeeze” treatment or water flood. Continued use of this product will prolong the useful life of the tubular equipment.

Custom Blending

We have formulas for many drilling  application fluids that may fit your formation parameters.  Please contact us for your specific needs.

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